Become an Antique Retailer in Volo, Illinois

Would you like to become a dealer with the Volo Antique and Volo Antique Malls? It's easy, affordable, and the perfect solution to selling your antiques or collectibles.

Start your own small business, expand your existing business, or just earn some extra cash with a booth. Be a dealer in one of our four antique malls. We do all the hard work so you can do the easy work.

Be open 7 days a week, 362 days a year or work as little as one day per month. We manage and cashier, advertise and promote, and then cut you a check for your sales on the fifth of the following month.

Contracts are month to month. You have no payroll, credit card fees, bounced checks, advertising expense, paper supplies, or utilities. Rent, Commission, and one to two volunteer days a month in sales are your only over head!

Booths range from $215.00 and up and showcases run for $115.00 and up. Besides 10% commission on all items sold: each space requires seller volunteer two minimum days a month on our sales floor, per case or booth.

Be among our 300 dealer shops serving over 4000 guests per week by calling us or stopping in for more information on our booths and showcases.

What Our Clients are Saying

What Our Clients Say

  • "They have everything here! You'll love the prices! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful not to mention that they always smile! Check it out. Whatever you may be looking for, they'll most likely have it. Or call ahead."

  • "One of the better antique malls I've been to. If you're a real treasure hunter, expect to spend at least 3–4 hours here. Hubs and I did a quick browse in about 1.5 hours. Will be back!"

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